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Paper Clutter

Paper Clutter

Every day it might seem like you are acquiring more paper that you really don’t want or need.  Examples of this type of paper clutter are old magazines, bags, wrappers, mail, and newspapers. Unwanted items come into your house whether you ask for them or not.

If you get enough unwanted paper clutter in your home, you won’t be able to find things that you need. If this type of clutter really piles up, you eventually won’t be able to tell the good paper you need to pay attention to from the paper that needs to be thrown away.

That frustrated feeling of being out of control will around to h back to haunt you. Even worse, you may miss a bill or important notice of some sort if you don’t keep the paper entering your house under control. So take control of your paper problem. Here are some pointers to declutter papers.


Have you ever missed paying a bill, or paid a bill late, because you lost it? If so, this article is for you. Let’s face it; there is a ton of junk mail that can come to your mailbox each day. There can be so much junk mail that it takes a while to sort it properly. So, you may be tempted to stick it in a pile and wait until later. But don’t! Pick up the mail and sort it immediately, preferably on your way to the garbage can. By the time you get to the garbage can, you will probably have sorted through the mail. You’ll have a nice pile of mail that you need to deal with. And you’ll have an even nicer pile of junk mail to toss.

Some people even sort their junk mail at the garbage can before it even comes inside the house. This method works well, too.

If you really don’t have time to even look at the mail properly, put the pile of mail in an obvious place for sorting later. This way, you will be sure not to throw an important message away. You will also be mildly annoyed by where you put the mail, and hopefully get back to sorting and processing the mail as soon as you can.

One problem with this method is what to do with the mail that you are not sure about. If you have mail that you don’t know for sure is junk mail, put it in with the necessary mail you plan to keep. Then, when you go through the mail, you will be able to determine whether that letter or notice needs to be kept or tossed.

You may have mail in your hand that is not for you. If you are sure the mail is junk mail, throw it away anyway. If in doubt, you’d better keep that letter or notice, because it could be important. Set up some sort of system with the people in your home. For instance, put the mail that you think is important on that person’s desk. If they haven’t dealt with it within a certain amount of time, toss it. But be sure to let the person know how long they have before the mail gets thrown away.

If you have accumulated a large pile of mail, or just haven’t had time to sort mail, you can still get it easily under control. Use a recycled plastic grocery bag for a garbage bag. Dump all of your old mail on the kitchen table, and start sorting. Junk mail and other mail that you are sure you don’t need to open can go right in the plastic bag to be tossed. Be sure to organize the bills in some way, so they can get paid without being lost or forgotten.


Another type of paper clutter is magazines. Magazines can be fun and entertaining, as well as educational. But what will you do with those old magazines when you’ve looked at them several times? You have a couple of choices to make. You can either limit the number of magazines that enter your house, or you can store preferred magazines neatly.

If you have read the magazines that you have, several times, toss them. If the magazine is more than 2 months old, toss it. You might have found the perfect recipe or article in that magazine. If you haven’t clipped the coupon, recipe or article within 2 months, you probably never will. So either clip and save those magazine articles or toss the magazine. You will enjoy the extra space you will find when you do.

Some types of magazines were meant to be read and enjoyed, then thrown away. Others were intended to teach or aid someone in researching a subject. If you have professional journals or magazines that come to your home, you might want to save them for the articles. That’s fine. But where will you keep the magazines? You will need to buy folder and magazine holders to keep magazines from getting shelf worn. You will also need to come up with some sort of filing system, so you can remember what is in each magazine for easy reference. . If you don’t get control over magazine clutter, it will soon control you.

Other Types of Paper Clutter

Lots of other types of paper clutter exist. You can get flyers in the mail, advertisements tucked into your front door, church bulletins, and all kinds of newsletters from many different places. Unless these pieces of paper have important and necessary purposes for your life, read them, and then throw them away. If you can get out of newsletter and other mail subscriptions, you will have that much left to sort through. Cancel the subscriptions and newsletters you really don’t read. You will have more money and less clutter if you do. And lots of newsletters and newspapers are online now, so you don’t have to deal with paper clutter at all.


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