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Decluttering the Bedroom

Decluttering the Bedroom

If you have not been using under bed storage, now is a good time to take your storage boxes out and look at them. Do you have any that will fit under the bed? If so, clean out under the bed, and put your plainly labeled storage items there. Storing items under the bed gives you more room for storage that will be unseen by others. Just be sure that you use either clear storage containers or label the containers well, so you can retrieve your stored items quickly.


Cleaning out the bedroom closet is usually the hardest part of decluttering the bedroom. There is another entire article on decluttering and cleaning closets, so see that article if you want more details. Here is the short version of that article. Empty out your closet. Put back only the clothes that you are comfortable in, that are in season, and that fit well.

Donate or discard the rest of the clothes. Sort your shoes in much the same way. And process through the rest of the stuff that has managed to accumulate in the closet carefully.  Try to get rid of one item for each item you keep in the closet. Last, keep out of season clothing stored somewhere until the proper season comes around. One perfect place to store your out of season clothing is under the bed.

Under the Bed Storage

If you are already using the area under your bed for storage, good for you! Storing items under your bed is a wonderful way to use unused space. There are two advantages to storing items under your bed.  First, if your bed has neatly organized storage containers under it, socks, shoes, and other miscellaneous items will not be able to collect under your bed. Second, if you are very short of storage space, using the area under your bed for storage will give you some badly needed storage space. Under the bed is really the perfect place to store your out of season clothing, as well.

If the area under the bed is limited, you can buy lifts to rise up your bed a few more inches. You can gain a larger area in which to put larger storage boxes in that way.

Next, you will need storage boxes that fit under the bed. One way to get boxes free is to reuse old cardboard boxes, especially the type of gift boxes that come from the department store. The biggest problem with these recycled boxes is that you cannot see through them. For that reason, you will need to carefully label storage boxes that you can’t see through. Another type of under the bed storage box you can use is the see-through plastic type of box. These boxes should still be labeled, but it is still easier to tell what is in the boxes, since you can see through them. Be sure to measure the area under your bed before you buy under bed storage containers, to make sure they will fit under the bed.

If you have already been using under the bed storage, now is a good time to go through those stored items and articles of clothing. Sort, donate and toss any items you find under the bed. Have your trash bags and donation boxes near you, just in case you need them.


The next big job is to go through your dresser drawers. Dresser drawers are famous places for hiding and storing personal items. Not only will you find underwear in bedroom dresser drawers, but you may also find other interesting items that you might not expect.

One example of this is that some people like to store tokens and letters from previous romances. If you are decluttering for someone other than yourself, you may very well need to leave their bedroom dresser drawers alone. Or be sure to get the person’s permission before you start to go through the drawers.

People really should go through their own drawers, but we all know that doesn’t always happen. If you have a really stubborn person in your household who doesn’t want their drawers cleaned out, give them a certain amount of time. If the dresser drawers haven’t been cleaned out by then, you will do it for them. That condition seems to motivate even the most stubborn messy person into action.

First, take the drawer out and dump it either on the floor or on the bed. Have your trash bag and donation box handy. Any item that doesn’t fit goes either to the donation box or in the garbage. If you are sorting lingerie or other types of underwear, many of these items do not qualify for donations for health and hygiene reasons. Unless they are new, most underwear that you no longer want will need to be thrown away. Now is the time to either find the mate to that single sock or throw it away. Some people like to use single socks for dusting rags, and then throw the sock away. And sometimes while you are sorting, you actually find the sock’s long lost mate.

Go through the rest of your dresser drawers the same way. Dump the drawer, clean it out, and put back only the items that you need or that fit. If you have stuff in the drawers that really doesn’t belong in the bedroom, move it to the appropriate room of the house and put it away. Once you’ve cleaned the closets, drawers and under the bed you should be able to finish the rest of the bedroom quickly. Nobody sees these areas much, but you know the clutter is there. You will be able to find your clothing more quickly if you are uncluttered, organized, and know where things are in your bedroom.


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