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Bathroom Decluttering

Bathroom Decluttering

What do you have stored in your bathroom? Many bathrooms don’t have a lot of storage area. Let’s take an inventory, look behind closed cabinets and drawers, and check out our clutter situation in the bathroom.

First, clear off surfaces. You will put stuff right back on those surfaces, but only temporarily. One main thing to keep in mind is that only bathroom items should be in the bathroom. Any item that wasn’t specifically intended to be in the bathroom should be elsewhere.

Medicine should go in the medicine cabinet. It is important that you keep your meds together.  That way, if you take medications daily, you will be able to find them. The more convenient your medication is, and the better organized it is, the more likely you are to take it. You will also be less likely to forget to take a medication, as well.  You will also know when you are coming close to being out of a medication. Also, you will be better able to tell whether anyone else in the household is taking your medications. Unfortunately, many young people get their recreation drugs from leftovers stored in Moms and Dad’s medicine cabinet. If you think that this might be an issue for you, lock your prescription medications op and keep control of the key.

Medicine cabinets can also store over the counter medications. Keeping these medications in a centrally located place is important as well Keep similar items together, so you can find them easily. For instance, keep all the pain medications together. Keep all the cold remedies together, and so on. You can keep a better inventory of you over the counter medications if you keep them sorted in this way. And you’ll know if someone in your household is misusing on of these types of medications, as well. Over the counter medications can be abused just as prescription meds can be.

Make up and skin care items can go in the same area. If you have a bathroom vanity with drawers, makeup can go in the drawer with the combs and hairbrushes. Expired makeup is not good for your skin or eyes, so be sure it is discarded. And if you have 5 containers of blue eye shadow, you only need to keep one. Little containers like check book boxes and decorative jars can help you keep your makeup and cotton balls in order. A pretty jar is a great way to store cotton balls or hair ties.  And checkbook boxes and similarly shaped containers make great dividers in a makeup drawer.

Bath- related articles can go in a drawer as close to the bathtub or shower as possible. This makes them easy to use. If you don’t have enough storage for your towels, be creative. If you have decorative boxes or a wine rack, you can roll up the towels and put them in these containers instead of in a drawer or cupboard.

Shaving materials such as razors, electric shavers and aftershave can go on the same shelf of a cabinet or in the same drawer of the vanity, so they can be easily found.

Cleaning products and cleaning tools like toilet brushes can go under the sink in the vanity. While you are looking at the cleaning products, check out their expiration date. Discard any that have expired.

The process for decluttering the bathroom is the same as decluttering any other room. Remove everything from cupboards and drawers. Then clean the drawer or cupboard by wiping it down with a disinfectant.  Look at every item before you put it back on that shelf or in that drawer. If you really don’t like that lotion or have found a better brand, throw that bottle away. Throw that bottle away even if it’s full or nearly full.

Do the same with every other product in your bathroom. And most importantly, look at the expiration dates of everything before you put it back on the shelf or in the drawer. Expired medications have lost their potency, so they are not good for you to use. And some expired medications become poisonous with age. Don’t take a chance. Throw both prescription and over the counter medications that have expired away.

You may very well have some grooming gadgets that you don’t need anymore. These are always welcome at shelters and thrift stores. If you have duplicates of blow driers or curling irons, one can be donated.  Or if you received hot rollers or some unique bathroom items for a gift and never use it, it can be donated, as well.

If you need extra storage, you might want to purchase a shelving unit that fits over the toilet. These units usually fit over the stool and go up to the ceiling, adding some shelving in an area where the wall space doesn’t get used much.

A clean, sanitary, well organized bathroom is a healthy advantage in your home. You and your family will be healthier in a clean bathroom. And if your bathroom is well organized, everyone in your home should have a faster and easier time getting ready for work or school.


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